Guided Implants

Benefits of Digital Guided Implants

Our practice offers state-of-the-art technology to restore a smile’s beauty. Computer technology now assists the dentist in creating a 3D scan of the jaw, mouth, and teeth. It generates a template placed over the mouth during the dental procedure.

The implants enter the gum at the perfect location, but the extra layer of assurance isn’t the only benefit:

Improved Preparation

Virtual implant technology allows your dentist to create digital imagery of jaws, teeth, and other dental elements. The advancements create a digital workflow that saves time and money across the entire dental process. A digital framework for your implant procedure ensures your dentist will have access to advanced implant planning resources to assist with surgical stents, implant placement, and more.

Improved Placement

Accurate placement in the soft tissue and bone is essential in any implant procedure. Digital guided implants facilitate a level of precision unheard of in traditional procedures.

Improved Outcomes

Precision enables better outcomes, especially for oral health. Digital guided implants result in lasting smiles, reduced recovery times, and reliable results. An improved final restoration is the primary reason that these tools continue to grow in popularity.

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Digital Guided Implants

Our Innova Dental professionals offer the latest tools in implant dentistry. Our digital guided implants ensure pinpoint precision in every dental implant procedure, and the CAD/CAM guided process is safe and quick.

What are Digital Guided Implants?

Implants are a common procedure to replace a broken or missing tooth, but digital advancements have enhanced the procedure significantly.

Technology is now changing the way dentists approach implant positions, and the results are exciting. Computer-aided technology acts as a surgical guide at the implant site. Instead of relying on the skill or visual markers, digital guided implants combine traditional dental techniques with flawless computer precision.

About the Procedure

The digital guided implant process is straightforward for Innova Dental clients.

* First, our dentist attains a 3D rendering of your mouth, jaw, and teeth, creating a digital template for your implant procedure.

*After a full oral inspection, our dentists will begin planning the implant procedure.

*The procedure relies on the template, and the implant fits at the precise point needed to replace the missing tooth.

While digital implants are known for accurate implant positions, they’re also much more comfortable. Whether it’s a single tooth or a full arch, our digital implant system makes restoring a smile both comfortable and straightforward.

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