Implant Aftercare



You should plan to rest for the remainder of the day. If a sedative has been prescribed, you must arrange for someone to accompany you to and from the surgery appointment. Generally, you will be able to resume your normal activities the following day. However, if more than one implant has been placed, you may wish to minimize your level of activity for a couple of days. Heavy physical activity should generally be avoided for a few days. You may be ready to return to work one to two days after the surgery.


Some swelling and discomfort is to be expected following the surgery. Careful attention to postoperative instructions will help minimize this. The use of ice on the face and over the area of surgery is highly recommended for the rest of the day of surgery and as needed on the following day. An effective ice pack can be made with a small package of frozen vegetables.


A pain-killer will be prescribed as needed after the surgery. It is best to take one tablet before the local anaesthetic wears off, then use as needed for the next few days. Generally, if you can keep the swelling to a minimum; as described above, the amount of pain will be surprisingly little.


In most cases, an antibiotic will be prescribed to take before and after the placement. If this is the case, please take this medication to completion according to the instructions.


There is generally very little bleeding following implant surgery. You can hold some clean gauze tha we give you against the implant if you get significant bleeding. However, You MUST NOT bite down hard on the gauze at all otherwise you will damage the healing implant


If you are wearing a temporary denture then every care must be taken so that the denture does not come into contact with the implant head as it will damage the healing bone.


You may wish to use an astringent mouth rinse such as Savacol or Plax starting 48 hours after the surgery to clean your mouth. Rinse gently without vigorous swishing three or four times a day. It is best if you avoid rinsing for the first 48 hours after the surgery.

Soft Food

The implant has been placed in the bone and the gum sutured over the area to seal the implants. It is very important to allow the gum to heal properly during the first two weeks after the surgery. The best way to help the gum heal is to avoid chewing any food which would disturb the gum health. Soft food is advised for the first two weeks after implant surgery. In addition, you will be more comfortable if you avoid very spicy foods.

For the first 6 weeks healing period you must avoid biting, chewing or putting any pressure on the implant head as it will damage the healing bone and the implant will fail. If you feel any pain in the implant area after the first week then you need to contact as soon as possible.


The sutures will generally be removed within two weeks after the implant surgery. You must return to have this done as they will not dissolve.


If the gum appears to open up in any area, or if you develop a “gum boil” in the area of surgery, please make sure to come in as soon as possible. Please telephone us if you are unsure about whether a problem is occurring.


Smoking has a very bad effect on implant healing and the success of implants. You should avoid smoking for at least the first two months after the implants have been placed. Better yet, please quit smoking as it will improve your prospect of long-term success.


Alcoholic beverages should be avoided for the first 72 hours after surgery since it will slow the initial healing process.