Anxiety Dentistry

Anxiety Dentistry

Have you ever felt tense before a dental exam? Increasingly nervous? Panicked, or even physically ill? If so, then you should know that you are not alone. In fact, dental anxiety is so common that a staggering amount of people let their dental health deteriorate instead of facing their fear. At Innova Dental, we are fully aware of how prevalent this type of anxiety is and we are fully equipped to help you handle it.

Why It Happens

These are the most common reasons why you may be anxious about meeting your dentist:
Fear of pain – this is only made worse whenever a patient hears dentistry “horror stories”.
Fear of injections – or more accurately, that they will not work.
Fear of helplessness – understandably, sitting in a dental chair, your mouth wide open can be uncomfortable.
Embarrassment – a lot of people are self-conscious of the way their teeth look. If that is you, believe us: we have seen worse.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

No matter why you may experience anxiety when it comes to dental procedures it is important that you overcome these feelings. The more you avoid it, the higher your risk of gum disease or potential tooth loss becomes. There is also a big emotional component: without professional care, your smile’s aesthetics are likely to deteriorate which will naturally impact your self-confidence. Most importantly, however, poor oral health has been associated with poorer health in general – and in some cases, with serious conditions like lung infections.

We Are Here To Help

What we can promise you is that every single one of our experts will actively try to ease your discomfort and anxiety. Not only will we thoroughly discuss each procedure, so that we ease any tension you may have, but we will encourage you to provide us with your feedback and speak your thoughts. The key is to understand your fears. The better we understand what is troubling you, the more comfortable we will be able to make you.

Moreover, our dental clinic is fully equipped with a full range of tools and amenities that will help you manage your anxiety. The environment is comfortable, safe, calm and inviting. From the time you step in up until you finish the appointment, we promise that you’ll feel you are in safe, expert hands.

Dental Anxiety Hack

Here is a tip you can easily apply to lessen dental anxiety: before you see your dentist, avoid drinking caffeine or high-sugar foods as they make your nerves jittery. Instead, opt to eat a high protein meal.