Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns

We understand perfectly well that you lead a busy life. With traditional dental crowns, where the process can be frustrating, or even outright impractical you might have to wait weeks or months until the crown is complete. Inevitable? Not anymore. Innova Dental, Launceston is pleased to announce its one visit dentistry solution: Same day crowns.

Using cutting-edge technology, we create beautiful, well-fitting crowns on the spot. You won’t have to return for a follow-up appointment. No more temporary crown breaking. Easy and conveniently you will be done in less than two hours. Here is a short overview of the process:

The Process

After preparing your tooth for a crown, we take a picture of it. A 3D model of your tooth is then created on a computer screen. Using the system to design your crown, allows for tweaking and adjustment of the utmost precision. After our dentist has finalised the crown design, the crown is created by a machine – using the very same quality materials used in a traditional crown but taking only a tiny fraction of the time of the old-school process.


You may think this sounds a bit too good to be true. We are pleased to tell you that it is, indeed, that good. In fact, whereas traditional crowns have an average lifespan of roughly ten years, same-day crowns have an 84 per cent success rate, even after eighteen years have passed. No matter what is ailing you, whether you have a decayed tooth, lost a filling, cracked or broken a tooth, our experts will be more than happy to introduce you to this new, innovative method. We will discuss and create a custom-tailored treatment option just for you.