Teeth Whitening

The Usual Suspects

The primary reason people opt for teeth whitening is due to teeth staining and discolouration.

There are many culprits to blame such as:

  • Staining from food or beverages such as coffee and red wine
  • Improper dental care such as plaque accumulation and irregular or absent maintenance
  • Tobacco use
  • Exposure to certain medications

What We Offer

At Innova Dental we offer you two main options: Teeth whitening works by breaking down the discolouration and helping to bring back the shine and brightness to your smile.

In-chair whitening

  • Completed in clinic by our dental professionals
  • Treatment is done in one sitting of 60-90mins duration
  • A take-home touch-up kit is also provided to maintain your whiter smile for longer

Take home whitening kit

  • The kit includes whitening trays and whitening gels
  • Completed in your own time following the instructions provided by our dental professionals
  • Whitening trays are tailored and custom-made for your teeth to maximise safety and effectiveness


The results will vary amongst different individuals as everyone’s teeth are different. Due to the various factors impacting on teeth discolouration, it is important to consult your dentist and have your oral health assessed prior to commencement of whitening treatment.

No teeth whitening procedure is permanent and it is important to continue to attend your active maintenance appointments to ensure you achieve the best possible results.