Check Up and Cleans

Check Up and Cleans

Our general recommendation for maintaining your dental and oral health is that you visit a dentist twice per year. Early diagnosis allows for more affordable and effective treatment. By committing to such a schedule, our experts will be able to identify if you have any underlying problems or conditions that have gone under your radar. You should know that many dental issues, like decay, for example, do not become evident up until they’ve reached an advanced stage.

Individual-Centric Recommendations

The twice a year recommendation may fluctuate depending on the individual. People with a weakened immune system, for example, or those who suffer from gum disease may need to attend professional care more often.

Non-Judgemental Services

That being said, our services are completely non-judgemental. We welcome all sorts of patients – even those who may have not been to the dentist for years. Our goal is to help you be a healthier version of yourself. Your past habits don’t matter.

Typical Dental Check-Up

During a typical check-up appointment, a highly trained member of our team will closely examine your teeth, your gums as well as the rest of your facial area. We do not believe in one-size fits all solutions. Our dentist will spot any problem you have and offer you individual advice on how to best approach it. If your oral health is good as is, we can give you recommendations to make it even better. During the process, we will listen to you, encourage you to speak and give us any further information to enhance your check-up experience.

We will of course give you advice on how to take care of your dental health at-home. Moreover, we can offer dietary advice, advice on smoking and drinking.

Dental Cleans

Home-based teeth brushing and flossing can help you maintain and protect the health of your teeth. However, only a professional cleaning can deal with stubborn, hardened plaque (called tartar). This is where our team comes in. We will thoroughly remove any plaque or tartar that has been built up on your teeth – and do it in the most comfortable, safe and effective way. We will also offer a scale and polish service that will leave your teeth looking and feeling fresh, clean and healthy.