IDL Elastic Information


Elastics (Rubber Bands)

Elastics are small rubber bands that are stretched between your upper and lower braces or aligners to move teeth to assist with progress of treatment. They are used to apply additional pressure in a specific direction to move individual teeth or groups of teeth and are commonly used to improve your bite.

Wear your elastics as you have been shown at your appointment. This will be at least until your next visit or when you are told to stop.

Wearing your elastics as required will ensure that your teeth will move towards the desired position in good time and resulting in a timely completion of your orthodontic treatment. Not wearing the elastics as instructed can result in a longer treatment time.

  • Elastics should be worn at all times, except for cleaning of teeth i.e. They must be worn all night while sleeping, all day, and can be worn when eating.
  • They come off only to brush your teeth, or to wear a mouthguard should you play a contact sport. When brushing, place them on your little finger to remind you to put them straight back on.
  • Change your elastics every 24 hours. Replace after either morning or night time brushing is best.
  • Spare elastics must be kept with you at all times.
  • If one of the elastics breaks during the day, remove the other side and replace with two new elastics to keep the forces the same.
  • Wear elastics to your appointments so that we can check that you are wearing them in the correct manner.
  • If you think you will run out of elastics before your next appointment or are having problems, please drop by or contact our practice so we can help you.